Mentenanta Web - First Web Agency

Launching a website is just the beginning. And like everything else, he needs attention, development and sometimes repairs!

Support and promptness

Time to complete a project is essential for your business!

Website performance

Your user wants a fast and easy to navigate website.


Your site needs to stay in tune with the market and two steps ahead of the competition!

Security and partnership

With the right approach, the results can be great for your business!

Choose the optimal package for you

99 €


200 €



Activating a maintenance package with us offers you a set of advantages that are not to be neglected:
* Priority in solving tasks - very useful when you have an emergency
* Lower hourly rate (20 EUR / hour vs 30 EUR / hour outside a maintenance package)
* A partner ready to take over the management of your online business
Of course, we have the resources to make changes to any CMS, but we also work custom.