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What does a website help you with?

Because… insert here at least countless reasons. But let's take them one at a time.

We know that we live in a world of speed, where information is just a few clicks away. The difference in front of the competition is often made by the added value that your company brings to the customer. And the presence in the virtual space, at those few clicks away that prefaces the purchase decision, is essential.

Choosing and buying a web domain, inspired photos, motivational words, arranging them with the care of an artist but in a practical way in which the utility is the keyword, new, updated information… all these can be reduced to two words:  create website.

Why would a company (small, medium or high level) start this website development process? Because if Mohamed (the client) does not come to the mountain (company), the mountain goes to Mohamed.

How? Let's start with some relevant statistics:

  • In Romania in 2013 there are approximately 4 million active fixed internet connections and 8 million active mobile internet connections, with a population of 19 million inhabitants.
  • In addition, 1 in 7 Google searches are performed on your mobile phone.

Do we have to list other reasons why your company should be present on the World Wide Web?

Ok, we're convinced, we need to be online, but what are the steps required to create a website?

The first, essential and the only way, is to contact a company specialized in creating sites. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either.

From the simple choice of the name, to the illustration, content and optimization, all these words are important steps for the virtual presence of the company to be a beneficial one. A properly designed and managed website can become, over time, a sales tool in itself, an engine that will attract and retain future customers, achieving that much desired "call-to-action".

Before we really get down to business, we need to answer one more question: we want a website because:
a) this is fashionable, or
b) because we want it to become a useful tool in business development?

If the answer is b) then it is clear that the stage of creating the site should not be seen in any way as an expense, but as an investment because:

  • A website means promoting the company's image to a much wider range of potential customers.
  • An optimized website means promoting the offer (whether we are talking about products or services).
  • An updated website means a permanent presence in the attention of current and potential customers.
  • A website in step with the times also means an active connectivity with the social networks so often used now, so a much greater openness to the target audience.

In conclusion, a well-designed and updated website brings benefits over time.

If you do not go out to meet the client, you will only stay in the company stage, in a block of flats, waiting to be discovered. And the wait, unfortunately, can be very long. The ways to attract customer attention are many and varied, and creating a website is just one of the first steps.

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