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Web Development

The most important aspect to pay attention to is the website. It will always be adapted with us to the present and the technical needs will always be met in such a way that it is indexed, we have a very good score on Google and other engines and of course it sells. UX again, bundled with web design and the best professionals in getting impactful websites or online stores!

Printing & 3D Printing

Through rapid prototyping, your drawings and sketches take shape. We print 3D quickly and professionally. Using three-dimensional digital models, we create solid objects with the help of 3D printing technology. We also deal with digital printing, if you need menus, brochures, business cards, banners, posters, printing on t-shirts, we are at your disposal.


We are with our partners in all aspects related to Social Media: branding, communication, brand development, posting strategies and obvious engagement, promotion campaigns on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram


In our team we have 3 SEO optimization specialists, online and offline. We create articles, blogs, texts for the website - only SEO. The conversation is not ours! We work applied, efficiently and yes, we tell you again, with impact!

WordPress Security Audit

We test your site to see if it has vulnerabilities in accessing the site. Coming back with a solution to correct the identified issues.

Graphic & Design

It is not easy especially in the year 2022, to find talented web designers. Fewer and fewer are available and when you're glad you found them, they immediately load up on projects and don't have time for you. That's what happens most of the time. And we, in our beginnings, had a problem because we didn't have enough works to "keep" them engaged just for our projects.

How is it done?

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Modern companies are dynamic, as is the information they share. We are experts in implementing content management systems such as WordPress, which gives companies complete control over their content and the flexibility to access, update and implement it effortlessly.

Project portfolio

Who we are?

We are a full service agency, engaged in the design and construction of beautiful digital products, brands and experiences.

FirstWeb was established out of the desire to help and offer high quality services to all Romanian entrepreneurs.
We are a team of professionals with experience in IT and Marketing.
Over time, we have gained solid experience in online marketing, eCommerce strategies, performance in SEO services, web design and advertising materials, creating presentation sites & online stores, custom programs for your needs and keeping our friends happy. We would love to be your friend too! We are not just marketers who display random products on the internet. We are your solution dedicated to developing WEB platforms, SEO and online business consulting!

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First Web Agency
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10:33 30 Mar 23
Recomand cu incredere!
Oprescu BiancaOprescu Bianca
09:47 21 Feb 23
Recomand cu drag!!!Seriozitate, profesionalism și consultanta rapida☺️Multumesc!!❤️
Corina MiticaCorina Mitica
12:46 16 Feb 23
Am ramas placut surprinsa pentru amabilitate si profesionalism.Recomand cu drag!
Abel SzollosiAbel Szollosi
11:34 16 Feb 23
Am doar cuvinte de laudă, am apelat la serviciile First Web Agency, pentru crearea unui website ,dialogarea a fost extrem de bună, totul a fost realizat cum am dorit , Recomand cu mare încredere
Diana Mei-RosuDiana Mei-Rosu
20:49 25 Oct 22
Comunicare foarte buna si profesionalism din toate punctele de vedere. La orice cerere de-a mea, raspunsul lui Vlad a fost “se rezolva” - si chiar asa a fost 🙂 Am gasit exact ce aveam nevoie aici, recomand cu drag!
sebastian vlad Popsebastian vlad Pop
14:54 20 Oct 22
Cei mai profi oameni, am gasit aici intelegere, foarte multa rabdare si seriozitate!
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